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5 new features to celebrate myTTNC’s 2nd birthday

Earlier this month, myTTNC turned 2 years old. In that time, we’ve been constantly working hard to make our control panel more useful (and more beautiful).

To celebrate, we’re giving you five new features. Some of these are brand new, whereas some others have been around for a little while. So if you haven’t already seen them, read on to see what you can now do. Continue reading…

TTNC joins the ITSPA (Internet Telephony Service Providers’ Association)

TTNC is pleased to announce its membership to the ITSPA, a trade association for Voice over IP (VoIP) network and service providers. The ITSPA is the representative voice of the VoIP industry to UK Government bodies such as Ofcom, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and the Home Office, as well as to the European Commission and other European institutions. Continue reading…

Industry News – June/July 2014

Here’s an overview of a few interesting developments to come from Ofcom over the last couple of months.

We can’t live without the internet or mobile phones – is this a surprising revelation?

Some recent research released by Ofcom has declared that UK consumers believe that they can’t do without the internet and mobile phones.

The study explored what type of communications services UK consumers would consider ‘essential’ in their day to day lives. Continue reading…