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Top 5 Apple Watch Apps for Business (plus a couple of fun ones)

Today the Apple Watch is finally being officially launched. If you’re lucky enough to get yours today, you’ve no doubt been keeping an eye on some of the upcoming apps.

To celebrate the launch of the first brand new product from Apple in 5 years, we’ve created a list of the top 5 apps to help you save time when running your business. And we’ve also added a couple of fun ones, just for good measure (because all work and no play makes Shaun a dull boy). Continue reading…

Tired of a bad mobile signal? EE may have a fix for you (updated)

Like most people, I love my mobile phone. In fact, it one of the few things I can’t live without. But I have one big problem which really annoys me sometimes – my mobile signal.

Looking at my phone right now, I have a single bar of signal in the office. When I go home, I might be lucky to get two bars. This is despite a strong 4G signal outside.

But EE have just announced the launch date of something that’s got me very excited… Continue reading…