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Ofcom publishes Annual Plan for 2011/12

Ofcom has this week published its Annual Plan. This covers various areas of the communications industry but all are encompassed in five strategic purposes:

  • To promote effective and sustainable competition
  • To promote the efficient use of public assets
  • To help communications markets to work for consumers
  • To provide appropriate assurances on standards
  • To contribute to and implement public policy defined by Parliament – including an update on their efforts to reduce their spending in line with the governments 2010 Spending Review.

Within this there is then updates on the 4G auction (which we mentioned towards the end of March), the competition relating to superfast broadband, delivering the spectrum guarantee for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and improvement of general policies benefitting the consumer.

Click here to access their summary and download a full print version

Ofcom propose changes to available contracts

Ofcom have announced further suggested regulation changes due to new European laws taking affect in May 2011. This time it’s relating to the length of contracts consumers can choose from. It’s certainly been noticeable with mobile providers that contracts have been getting longer, and seemingly shorter contracts aren’t available. Ofcom say:

‘The proposed new regulations would require communications providers to ensure that the initial contract a consumer signs up to (and any new contract following an upgrade) is not longer than 24 months, and that both consumers and businesses have the option to subscribe to a contract with a maximum duration of 12 months.

Many providers already offer such contract lengths to consumers. But by making these proposed requirements mandatory, consumers would continue to benefit from short contracts which promote competition and enable customers to switch providers more easily to benefit from better prices and services.’

There’s also been recent talk about automatic renewals of contracts; where a consumer must actively opt out of their current contract with a communications provider otherwise they’ll simply continue as they are, potentially without even knowing it.

As always, Ofcom are keen that the consumer has opportunities to decide on their provider, promoting the competition for their attention – hence the investigation into ensuring this is possible by forcing communication providers to provide the consumer with the opportunity to opt out, rather than waiting for the consumer to come to them to cancel.

Making the most in 2011

We are all familiar with the financial situation that the UK has found itself in over the last couple of years and it seems that with the public sector cuts and last quarters’ negative economic growth we are still not quite out of the woods.

But of course the resilience of UK businesses is second to none, and we keep looking for new opportunities and doing the best we can of the situation. Every business has had to look how it is running and where it is spending money, to streamline themselves through the hard times making sure that every penny goes as far as it can. We’ve done the same, and hope we can help out with our brand new Call Management packages.

Inbound Call Solutions may seem like the last thing your business could benefit from, but there is nothing more comforting to a potential customer than ringing a local geographic number or non-geographic number rather than ringing directly your mobile phone. Adding a greeting message can introduce your customer to your business before you even speak to them, starting that rapport straight away. What about if you’re on the move? Send your calls to your mobile phone and your callers will never know the difference, or if you are missing calls whilst on the job, our Voicemail system can take your callers messages and email them to you, so you can pick them up wherever you are.

All this can be achieved with our Identify Call Management package, which you can set up for just £4 a month, and if you are a new customer, you can even get a free number when signing up. Identify is our most basic package too, have a look at all of our Call Management packages and find the right one for your business.

Cash flow is always an issue for a business, whether or not we’re coming out of a credit crunch, which is why we’ve brought out our Monthly Minutes packages for your call forwarding. Instead of topping your account up with credit, you can sign up to a package, say £15 a month, and we’ll give you just under 800* of call forwarding to your landline. If you need more, just add some buffer credit to your account, but you’ll know that each month, you’ll have those 790 minutes for your calls. This works out at a cheaper forwarding rate than our Pay As You Go accounts, potentially saving you even more.

Your calls make you money, and now, they can cost even less. Let’s get moving and watch this year become a great year for our businesses.

Ofcom Update: Ofcom publishes research on Text Relay services

Ofcom has today published research to assess how well the current Text Relay service is working for deaf and hearing-impaired people in the UK.

The current Text Relay service enables people with hearing and/or speech difficulties to communicate with others using a relay assistant in a call centre, who types what the hearing person says and speaks what the hearing and/or speech-impaired person types.

The research aimed to assess, amongst other things, the existing Text Relay service and alternatives to it, to understand which of the features of the service are important and which additional features, if any, would be desirable.

The independent research was conducted by Opinion Leader and involved over 300 interviews, as well as focus groups, and found that:

  • People who have hearing and/or speech difficulties make use of a wide variety of communications services (e.g. SMS and email), some of which they report as more suitable for contacting friends and family than they are organisations/business;
  • The range of methods used to communicate with business and organisations is narrower than that used to communicate with friends/family;
  • People valued the Text Relay service but considered improvements could be made to it to enable more natural real time conversations, for instance by allowing interruptions to conversations to be made more easily;
  • Users of Text Relay experienced difficulties in communicating with organisations who were unwilling to accept or make Text Relay calls for technical reasons or in the drive for efficiency e.g. due to time targets set for calls in call centres; and
  • Many participants believe that additional relay services would be useful for them, such as Captioned Telephony and Video Relay for British Sign Language users.

Ofcom will consider the research and will publish a consultation setting out proposals for the future of the Text Relay service in spring 2011.

The full research can be found here: