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You could be an online company, a brand new start up or a taxi company. Getting the right number can create more opportunities, generate new business or target the customer you want. Ask yourself:

  • Where is my customer? Will they be calling from a landline or mobile?
  • How much do you think your customer will pay to call you?
  • Where do you want to receive your calls? On your mobile or landline?

You'll find certain number ranges will suit you better. Explore the individual number pages to see the different benefits each can provide.

Various types of UK Phone Number available from £10 a year


    Local numbers

    Most people prefer to call a landline. You can advertise your business in any UK area code and forward calls to your mobile

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    0333 numbers

    0333 Numbers are great for businesses that operate UK wide and want a cheap call for their customers

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    0300 numbers

    0300 Numbers are for any charity or not-for-profit organisation that wants a national number that's cheap to call

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    0800 numbers

    Using 0800 numbers in advertising is proven to increase response and repeat calls from landline users

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    0845 numbers

    0845 Numbers don't tie you to a specific UK location and you can forward your calls to any UK landline for FREE

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    0844 numbers

    0844 Numbers can save you money with FREE forwarding to UK landlines and earn you money with Call Revenue Sharing

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    0871 numbers

    Use an 0871 Number as a sales line and pay nothing to forward your calls to any UK landline

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    070 numbers

    070 Numbers are 50p/min to call from UK landlines, but you can forward to nearly any destination for FREE

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    09 numbers

    Earn a high rate of revenue from your inbound calls to our 09 Numbers, with no outgoing costs for call forwarding

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Memorable Phone Numbers in the UK from £95 set up

Memorable numbers are all about being easy to recognise and remember - that's why taxi companies use them all of the time. Our Gold, Platinum and Diamond price bands are where you'll find our most memorable numbers. Any type of business, regardless of size or industry can benefit from having a memorable (or 'special') number - it all works towards making the most of opportunities and encouraging your inbound calls.

A memorable number can be made up of numbers or letters. A numerical memorable number could look something like this:

0131 610 6000 or 0333 444 3 444 or 0808 192 9 192

An alpha number (where numbers can be shown as letters) could look something like this:

0845 468 MINT (0845 468 6468) or 0115 882 TAXI (0115 882 8294)

Worldwide City & Toll Free Numbers available


    International numbers

    With local, national or Toll Free numbers you'll be able to move your business into new international markets

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    Canadian Toll Free numbers

    Giving your callers in Canada a free way to get in touch with you could help increase response to advertising

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    USA Toll Free numbers

    Advertising in the States? Use a Toll Free number to allow your American customers to call your business for free

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