If you're planning on using services like Virtual Receptionist, Call Queuing, Information Line or Call Greeting, using our professional voice over production can make a big difference.

TTNC only uses professional voiceover artists that have actually been trained in how Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) work, which enables us to provide high quality voice prompts.

  • Give a great first impression by greeting your callers with a professionally recorded message
  • A professional greeting can strengthen your brand image and enhance your caller's experience
  • Serenade any callers in the queue with our selection of on hold music
  • Our voice artists have worked for many high profile clients such as the BBC, Channel 4 and National Geographic



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Samples - Voices and Background Music

Hear our voiceover artists in action

To hear what our voiceover artists sound like, simply click on one of the names below. All of our recordings are done in a professional audio production studio. The studio is optimised specifically for the recording and post production of voiceovers, narration, radio production and sound effects.

Female Bright

Female Corporate 1

Female Corporate 2

Female Mature

Female Warm 1

Female Warm 2

Female Warm 3

Male Bright 1

Male Bright 2

Male Corporate 1

Male Corporate 2

Male Corporate 3

Male Friendly 1

Male Friendly 2

Male Natural

Male Warm

Male Young

Pick some music to match your style

If you wanted to add a bit of music to go behind your messages and prompts there are also a number of samples below you can choose from.

Acoustic A

Acoustic B

Acoustic C

Acoustic D

Ambient A

Ambient B

Ambient C

Ambient D

Breakbeat A

Breakbeat B

Breakbeat C

Breakbeat D

Classical Remix A

Classical Remix B

Classical Remix C

Classical Remix D

Corporate A

Corporate B

Corporate C

Corporate D

Corporate E

Corporate F

Childrens A

Childrens B

Childrens C

Childrens D

Dance A

Dance B

Dance C

Dance D

Indie A

Indie B

Indie C

Indie D

Jazz A

Jazz B

Jazz C

Jazz D

Relaxation A

Relaxation B

Relaxation C

Relaxation D

Quirky A

Quirky B

Quirky C

Quirky D

Where have I heard that voice?

Our artists have done work for many high profile clients including:

Where have I heard that voice?

Voice Recording

For more FAQ's please visit our new Help Centre at https://help.ttnc.co.uk/discuss

Getting your professional voice recording done

If you'd like to use one of our artists for your recording all you need to do is email us a script of your message or prompt and the name of the recording artist you'd like to use.

Feel free to get in contact with us at sales@ttnc.co.uk if you have any questions about this service and how you can use it in conjunction with our Call Management tools.