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Professional Voice Recording

Use a professional voice artist from TTNC to enhance your customer’s experience.

We know that your callers first impression is vital to your business, and if you’re planning to use services like Voicemail Pro, Virtual Receptionist, Call Queuing or Call Greeting, a professional voice can make a huge difference.

That’s why we've teamed up with a wide range of professional voice artists, to ensure that we can provide you with the right voice for your service.

Within just 1-2 working days we can deliver your recordings produced to the highest quality standard, ready to be applied to any phone system.

  • Take your brand to the next level
  • Boost your credibility
  • Enhance your caller's experience
  • Provide clarity to callers



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minimum cost per script


background music per script

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Listen to our voice artists in action

Our voice artists have all been trained in how Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) work and are well experienced having recorded scripts for many high profile clients such as BBC, Channel 4, Sony, MTV and more. The scripts are recorded and mixed in a professional audio production studio, with the studio being optimised for the recording of voiceovers, narration, radio production and sound effects.

Take a listen to our available voices below

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Female Voices

Female Bright 1

Female Bright 2

Female Corporate 1

Female Corporate 2

Female Warm 1

Female Warm 2

Female Warm 3

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Male Voices

Male Bright 1

Male Bright 2

Male Corporate 1

Male Corporate 2

Male Corporate 3

Male Corporate 4

Male Friendly 1

Male Friendly 2

Male Natural

Male Warm 1

Male Warm 2

Male Young

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Pick some music to match your style

You can also combine your recorded message with some background music, perfect for when your callers are on hold or even behind your call greeting. Our wide range of music can be a great addition to your recording by helping you set the right tone for your business.

Take a listen to our available music below

Acoustic A

Acoustic B

Acoustic C

Acoustic D

Ambient A

Ambient B

Ambient C

Ambient D

Breakbeat A

Breakbeat B

Breakbeat C

Breakbeat D

Classical Remix A

Classical Remix B

Classical Remix C

Classical Remix D

Corporate A

Corporate B

Corporate C

Corporate D

Corporate E

Corporate F

Childrens A

Childrens B

Childrens C

Childrens D

Dance A

Dance B

Dance C

Dance D

Indie A

Indie B

Indie C

Indie D

Jazz A

Jazz B

Jazz C

Jazz D

Relaxation A

Relaxation B

Relaxation C

Relaxation D

Quirky A

Quirky B

Quirky C

Quirky D

Where have I heard that voice?

Our artists have done work for many high profile clients including:

TTNC - Voice Recording Enquiry

All you have to do is send a completed script along with which voice artist & background music you would like to use and we'll quickly come back with a quote.

Please note: recordings supplied for external systems will incur an additional cost of £15 per recording.








Please provide any scripts you wish to be recorded.

Voice Recording FAQ's

For more FAQ's please visit our FAQ's page