01 and 02 Virtual Local Numbers

Be “local" in any UK town or city using TTNC’s cloud based Local Numbers.

Most people prefer to call a business that's local, particularly if they're calling a tradesperson, shop or a taxi company. Local numbers can help build trust and they'll also save money for your customers, as calls to 01/02 numbers are often included for free in landline and mobile packages.

Why buy a virtual geographic number?

  • Our most popular range

    The majority of people (77%) prefer to call a business that's local to them

  • Low cost calls

    It costs the same to call as a landline, so is free if you have inclusive minutes

  • Every town, every city

    We have 100% UK coverage, so you can get a number for any town or city

  • Growth accelerator

    Expand your business reach and start advertising in new areas

  • Only £2.18 a month per number

    01/02 numbers start at just £2.18 a month. Memorable numbers have a higher first month cost.

  • Outstanding customer service

    Exceptional customer service is an integral part of the TTNC experience backed by 24/7 support and a SLA.

Call Forwarding Costs

Pay As You Go (PAYG) is great if your call volumes are lower or unknown. Pay Monthly is ideal for those who spend a lot of time on the phone and want our lowest call rates.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Top up Amounts Forwarding to a UK Landline Forwarding to a UK Mobile
£10, £25, £50 £0.027/min (2.7p) £0.098/min (9.8p)

Top up call credit on your account only when you need to.
Set up Automatic Top Up to manage this for you.

Pay Monthly

Tariffs Forwarding to a UK Landline
(UK Landline minutes)
Forwarding to a UK Mobile
(UK Mobile minutes)
£10 per month 450
£0.022/min (2.2p)
£0.071/min (7.1p)
£15 per month 715
£0.021/min (2.1p)
£0.06/min (6p)
£25 per month 1,250
£0.02/min (2p)
£0.055/min (5.5p)
£45 per month 2,650
£0.017/min (1.7p)
£0.049/min (4.9p)
£60 per month 3,750
£0.016/min (1.6p)
£0.044/min (4.4p)

Adds call credit to your account on the 1st of each month.
Buy more call credit to get extra mins at the same rate.

The rates shown are per minute and based on forwarding to a UK destination. Forwarding to a TTNC VoIP User or SIP Trunk is free. Forwarding to any other SIP address costs £0.011/minute (1.1p). Forwarding to Voicemail, Information Line and Fax to Email is the same as the tariff’s landline rate. A minimum cost of £0.015 (1.5p) applies to each chargeable call.

For all other destinations, please use our Check Rate Tool.

Download Rate Sheet

Inclusive features

As a TTNC customer, you'll have access to our advanced cloud based communications platform; myTTNC. You can set up voicemail, instantly divert calls to your landline or mobile number, view and download call reports, manage your alerts and much more.

  • Advanced cloud platform

    Advanced cloud platform

    Use myTTNC to order numbers, forward calls, download data and manage all aspects of your account and services in real-time from any device.

  • Real time Call Tracking

    Real-time Call Tracking

    Analyse real-time call data to measure the effectiveness of your advertising. Filter, view and download call reports and integrate with Google Analytics.

  • Voicemail to email

    Voicemail to email

    Enable our Voicemail service in case you can’t answer a call. Listen to your messages online or have them sent to your email address.

  • Alerts and notifications

    Alerts and notifications

    Create and manage alert settings within myTTNC. Receive email and SMS alerts for low balance, missed calls and voicemails.

  • Inbound / Outbound Caller ID

    Inbound / Outbound Caller ID

    An inbound caller's CLI will be presented when not withheld. You can display your TTNC Number on outbound calls by using our VoIP, Dial Through or Make A Call services.

  • API – agile integrations

    API – agile integrations

    Connect to our Rest API and use over 60 functions to provision numbers, enable services and extract data in real-time. Integrate with your system, app or CRM.

Getting Started

To get started with a new virtual number from TTNC, all you need to do is follow the steps below. Within minutes you'll be making and receiving calls.

  1. Use the number search tool to select a number and begin the checkout process.
  2. Choose a Call Management Package and add any extra Bolt Ons you require.
  3. Add Pay As You Go Call Credit or a Monthly Tariff to your order.
  4. Complete the checkout process, creating your account for the online control panel - myTTNC.
  5. Log into myTTNC to configure your number features and forwarding destinations.

That's it - you're ready to go!

Search IconNumber search

Start the search for your number here. All numbers are £2.18 per month, with memorable numbers having a higher first month cost. All numbers require a Call Management Package which start from £2.73/month.

Virtual Numbers FAQ's

  • Can I receive SMS on my 01/02 Local Number?

    expandable icon

    Inbound SMS can be received by most ranges, you can see a list of the ranges that support inbound SMS on our Help Centre

    Inbound SMS is not available on any number ported onto our network.

  • What is the maximum call forwarding rate?

    expandable icon

    Standard UK forwarding is displayed in the Call Forwarding Costs table; for international forwarding, our limit is set to £0.20/min (20p) to avoid bill shock from high-cost destinations. If you're unsure of the cost of forwarding, please use our Check Rate Tool.

    If your destination has a higher cost, please contact support@ttnc.co.uk to increase this limit.

  • Can I make calls from my TTNC numbers?

    expandable icon

    A unique feature of TTNC numbers is Dial Through. With Dial Through there’s no need to buy new hardware or download any software. Dial Through allows you to present your TTNC Virtual Landline Number when making calls to customers and clients. You can set up this feature using your existing mobile or landline and start making outbound calls straight away. All you need to do is call your TTNC number, enter your PIN and then the number you want to dial.

  • How do I know when I receive a call forwarded from my TTNC number?

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    There are 3 ways to identify if a call is being forwarded from your virtual number.

    Our most popular is Call Whisper (£4 a month). It works by playing you a short message before you're connected with the caller. This means you can answer the call in a professional manner if it is a business call.

    Dialled Number Presentation (also £4 a month) allows you to see the number that's been dialled (your virtual number) on your display rather than the caller's number.

    The final way is with Call Screening (£6 a month), when a call is forwarded, you'll hear a message with either the number that was dialled or your caller's number. You need to press '1' to accept the call.

  • Is there a contract?

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    No, there are no contracts. You can cancel at anytime.

  • Are there any extra charges?

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    Yes, there is a charge for forwarding your calls. For Virtual Landline Numbers, there's a forwarding charge whenever you answer a call. A 1p minimum charge applies. With our Virtual Landline Numbers, you'll only pay for the time spent on the call. Calls forwarded to a mobile start from just 4p per minute and 1.5p per minute when forwarded to a landline. We also have a Pay as You Go option which is ideal for businesses who are unsure about the traffic they'll receive.

  • Can people tell they're calling a Virtual Number?

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    Virtual Local Numbers have the same ringtone as traditional phone lines. Your clients and customers will never know they're calling a Virtual Number. Unless you decide to tell them.

  • How much do numbers cost?

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    Our Virtual Landline Numbers start from just £2/month. We also have Memorable Numbers (which can be called 'Special' or 'Gold Numbers') that are proven to generate more calls. These have a higher first month cost, starting from £95.

For more FAQ's please visit our FAQ's page