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SMS services from TTNC

Easily communicate with your staff, clients or customers

About our SMS services

Being able to effectively communicate with your customers is vital to any business. With myTTNC it has never been easier to get in touch with your customers using SMS. Our SMS services allow you to receive and send SMS messages through myTTNC.

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Outbound SMS

Quick and efficient SMS messaging to the masses

Our Outbound SMS service allows you to send SMS messages to a single contact, in bulk and even schedule your messages to go out at a time that suits you. It is a great communication tool for reaching out to your customers. Here are some examples of how to use our Outbound SMS Service:

  • Delivery and Dispatch Notifications
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Appointment Reminders
  • 2-step Verifications
  • Promotional Codes
  • Company Announcements

Platform Features

  • Group

    Single numbers or large groups

    Send SMS messages to a single number or to your entire customer base online in seconds.

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    Brand your messages

    Send SMS online using your business name to promote brand identity.

  • Calendar icon


    Save time and see better results by scheduling your online SMS campaigns with a delivery time.

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    2 way messaging

    Receive replies from your messages and have real-time conversations with your customer online.

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    Keep track of your messages

    Your SMS logs are where you can find detailed information of all the messages you've sent.

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    Concatenated SMS

    A single SMS consists of up to 160 characters, longer messages will be sent as a multipart SMS with 151 characters each.

Bulk SMS prices

This service is available to all of our customers through their account on myTTNC. All you have to pay for is the messages. You can buy blocks of credits to bring down the cost per SMS message. These credits don't expire, they sit in your account until you use them.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Call Credits Rate
£10, £25, £50 £0.06/SMS (6p)

Top up call credit on your account only when you need to.
Set up Automatic Top Up to manage this for you.

SMS Credits

Quantity Rate Cost
100 SMS £0.057 (5.7p)
per SMS
£5.70 Buy
500 SMS £0.054 (5.4p)
per SMS
£27 Buy
1,000 SMS £0.051 (5.1p)
per SMS
£51 Buy
2,500 SMS £0.048 (4.8p)
per SMS
£120 Buy
5,000 SMS £0.045 (4.5p)
per SMS
£225 Buy
10,000 SMS £0.042 (4.2p)
per SMS
£420 Buy
25,000 SMS £0.039 (3.9p)
per SMS
£975 Buy
50,000 SMS £0.036 (3.6p)
per SMS
£1,800 Buy
100,000 SMS £0.029 (2.9p)
per SMS
£2,900 Buy


Visit our Help Centre and see how to send SMS messages

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Our 07 Mobile Numbers and most of our 01/02 Local Geographic Numbers can receive inbound SMS from your customers, clients or staff, giving you a complete messaging service. For a full list of the number ranges which can receive inbound SMS, please see our Help Centre.

Receive SMS through Email

Receiving your messages through email means as well as the message content itself you'll be provided with information on which of your numbers received the SMS, the sender's number and the date and time it was received.

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Receive SMS Online

You can access all your messages through your myTTNC account. You’re also able to separate by date and download them and save them to your computer.

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Receive as SMS

You only have to pay for inbound SMS if they are being forwarded to a mobile. This is charged at 6p per SMS on a PAYG basis or you buy one of our blocks of credits, which a great way to bring the cost down. You can buy blocks of credits which brings the cost of a single SMS down.

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Visit our Help Centre and see how to setup our Inbound SMS Service

Visit Help Centre