Wholesale Telephone Numbers

Buy telephone numbers in bulk and offer your customers call solutions

If you're looking for telephone numbers and call management services to add value for your customer, then this is something you can explore with us. We supply telephone numbers on a wholesale basis to businesses working in industries such as directory services, call answering services, advertising, marketing, publishing, design, SMS content and printing.

  • Wholesale pricing enables you to pay a much lower rate for both telephone numbers and services on a flexible monthly payment scheme.
  • Use numbers as part of an advertising package e.g. businesses operating nationally that advertise in all the UK area codes to improve local response rates.
  • Add advanced call management services as part of a design or build product e.g. web design companies using telephone numbers with Call Whisper to qualify visitors to their websites who subsequently make contact by phone.
  • Create an incentive for businesses to submit details to a directory or web portal e.g. using 0844 numbers to keep personal advertiser details private. This also has the potential to create a revenue stream for the directory provider through the generated call traffic.

Advanced online control and direct integration via API

We can also give you access to our advanced online control panel, use of our ordering system, access to our API and access to our telephone number database.

  • Direct access to our database of Geographic and Non-geographic numbers.
  • Benefit from reduced prices for memorable numbers.
  • Benefit from highly competitive call forwarding charges.
  • Manage customers and services using our powerful online control panel.
  • Receive high Call Share Revenue and out payment rates.
  • Benefit from 24 hour network monitoring and support.

For more information about our API and the opportunities for bespoke development, visit our Developers Centre.

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Use the form below to get in touch and give us an idea of how you're looking to use our numbers and services. We can then start looking at how best we can work together to provide you, and your customers, with the best solution.

Please bear in mind that we have minimum expectations in relation to the quantity of products being ordered, or the expected volume of call traffic, for you to qualify for our wholesale packages. As a basic guide, we're normally looking for an initial order of 50 numbers.

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Case Studies

Federation of Master Builders (Directory Service)

The UK's leading building trade association developed a pioneering website, with 12,000 members nationally.

nnovation has been an important ingredient of their success, and always striving to add value for their members, FMB collaborated with TTNC to develop a new marketing programme.

By offering every member a free 0844 number for their landline in the members' directory, consumers gain the benefit of using members' individual free phone number, and members receive the added value of hearing the Call Whisper message "from Federation of Master Builders" every time there is a connection. So FMB customers know where the call originates which helps reinforce the value of FMB membership, and consumers save money. During a 3 month trial period, most members received at least one call since the introduction of the numbers, and a few had received 30 plus calls.

Portfolio Europe (Call Tracking)

Cheshire based Portfolio Europe has been servicing the motor industry throughout the UK with online search engines and directories for a considerable time, as part of the international information media group; Manheim. Their tracking tool, Marketing Advantage, enables users to allocate and monitor the effectiveness of 0800 and 0844 numbers for each advert.

Portfolio had been using another provider for numbers but support was a vital component of their customer service. They needed a solution that recognised the daily impact of data accuracy and would eliminate costs associated with support. "Like any business, we need to deliver what we promise", explained Product Manager, Sam Redfern-Perry. "And the level of service that we can provide to our customers relies on the support we get from TTNC."

Initially they just sold numbers but TTNC worked with Portfolio to enable greater measurability of data, recommending enhancements, reducing support time; developing bespoke applications on TTNC's online control panel which has become the backbone of their service. Portfolio can now market a broad spectrum of products; number provision, Call Whisper, Call Recording, Voicemail, Missed Call Alerts - making a positive impact on their bottom line.

Appliance Repairman Ltd. (Business Expansion)

Richard Saupe came to TTNC for a Local Number to expand his own business geographically, but quickly saw the business potential of TTNC's telephone numbers.

Four years later, Appliance Repairman now operates almost 60 numbers and Richard Saupe has grown the business from £20k p.a. to £220k p.a. in that short time through the effective use of Local Numbers. TTNC's infrastructure has enabled him to set up a training company to teach other appliance repairmen to do the same.