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Why buy a Memorable Number?

  • Increase sales

    Using a Memorable Number will increase the amount of calls you receive

  • Generate more calls

    More calls means more opportunities, which means more sales and more revenue

  • Build customer loyalty

    Customers will be more loyal as it's easier to remember what number to call you on

  • Your number, your brand

    You can create a brand around a memorable telephone number (think 118)

  • Stand out from the crowd

    You'll stand out from your competitors with a number that's easy to remember

  • Make and receive calls

    Hide your number when making and receiving calls through your virtual number

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Start the search for your number here. All numbers are £20 a year. Memorable numbers starting from £95 for the first year.

What makes a telephone number memorable?

Memorable Numbers are often also referred to as vanity, gold or special numbers. A telephone number could be classed as memorable because of repeating or sequential digits, or there could just be some significance for a particular company.

So your memorable number could end 24 24 24 or maybe 123456 helping you stand out from the competition. You often see these types of numbers being used by taxi companies.

By making your number more memorable, you can encourage repeat calls from your customers as well as boosting your company's professional image - after all, memorable numbers look great.

We offer six different levels of telephone numbers, to help you find the perfect number for your business. The first year cost will depend on how memorable the number is and then it's just £20 a year to renew, regardless of the price band.