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What makes a phone number memorable?

A telephone number could be classed as memorable, also known as vanity or gold, because of a string of repeating digits, an easily remembered sequence or there could be some significance to the digits for that particular company.

The brain can remember on average between 6 and 9 numbers at a time, which is why phone numbers are often grouped into 3, 4 or 5 digits at a time.

The most memorable combination of digits are:

  • Repeated Sets: xxxx 45 45 45
  • Repeated Digits: xxxx 444 444
  • Centenary: xxxx 400 400
  • Mirrored Digits: xxxx 445 544
  • Consecutive Runs: xxxx 123456
  • Repeated Groups: xxxx 455 455

Why should I use a memorable number?

Numbers that are memorable are an asset to any business, especially for those competing in an industry where a lot of enquiries are made over the phone. The fact that the number is aesthetically pleasing will strengthen your brands' image, but there are also other benefits that a memorable number brings which can help you keep an edge over your competitors.

Huge choice of memorable numbers at competitive prices. I chose TTNC because I found their website very easy to use, they have a huge amount of numbers to choose from and their prices are the most competitive prices I have seen. I would recommend using TTNC over any other memorable number or business phone number supplier.

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The main reason for having a memorable number is of course that people are more likely to remember it. The ultimate goal for businesses using these numbers is to generate more calls and consequently, business, and a number with easily remembered digits, significant to that particular company, is likely to do so. Memorable numbers are also good to use for campaigns, and it could even be argued that they’re necessary when you're presenting your ads on TV or Radio.

Benefits of using a Memorable Number:

  • Generate more calls & sales
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Increase customer familiarity
  • Match your number to your business

Memorable numbers have an initial cost, starting at £95 and are separated into five different bands based on memorability. All numbers will then have a renewal cost of £2/month.

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