• Add a button to your website, your customers click it, fill out a few details and you'll automatically call them back
  • Increase your conversion rates by giving your customers a way to speak to you - at no cost to them
  • Decrease drop outs by making it easy for your website visitors to put questions to a real person
  • Cut out the time your customers would waste listening to the ringing tone or being on-hold
  • Capture the customer data your business needs with complete control over the look and functionality of the form



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Cut out frustration for your customer with 'Request a call back'

We're all busy people, trying to do a million and one things at once. Give your customers a 'click to request a call back' feature and the ball's in your court.

  • If your customer's getting interrupted when going through your website by what's going on around them, they can set a call back for when they can deal with it properly. You've got their details then and you can manage following this up going forward.
  • You can cut down the amount of people abandoning your site by giving them an easy way to navigate sticky points - they simply enter their contact details and you can swoop in to rescue the situation.
  • When you're not in the office, customers are still looking at your website and they may want to talk to you, but can't - you don't have to lose them when they can fill in a quick form that automatically generates a call back the next day.

Customers like to know that they can talk to a business they want to buy from. Why not give them a way to talk to you at no extra cost to them which creates more opportunities for you?

What is a Click to Call profile?

To add a Click to Call form to your website, you'll buy a profile. You'll create this profile so that it contains all the necessary settings, such as:

  • Which phone number you'll be receiving call back requests on
  • Which number will show on your customers phone when they get a call back from you

For example, if you wanted to have a form for requests to go direct to your Sales team, and a separate form for a request to go direct to your Support team, you'll need to buy 2 profiles. They can then be set up with the specific details for each team and your customer will get a call from the right person.

How does Click to Call work?

  1. Your customer wants to speak to a member of your Sales team. Rather than picking up the phone and calling them, they fill out your Click to Call web form to ask you to call them.
  2. Your Sales team's phone rings. Picking up they hear a message telling them that the customer has requested a call back. They hear the customer's number, and they'll have got an email already as well. Pressing 1 they accept the call back.
  3. Having pressed 1, the customer's phone will then start to ring. When they answer, that's it, they'll be talking to someone from the Sales team on the other end of the line.

Setting up Click to Call

Using myTTNC, you can be set up and ready to receive Click to Call requests in just a few simple steps.

Creating a profile

To begin, you'll need to create a Click to Call profile. This includes a nickname for the profile, the destination number (where you will be calling from), which number you'd like to display to the customer and the email address you'd like to be alerted on when a Click to Call request comes in. You can also choose to record your calls.

Adding the code to your website

With a profile set up, you're now ready to add the Click to Call form to your website. We supply a couple of lines of code for you to add to your website, which adds the pre-built form. If you're more technically minded, you'll also have access to more advanced code.

And that's all you need to get started. If you'd like a more detailed guide on getting set up, visit our help page.

Making the form your own

If you have some skills when it comes to coding, you can use our advanced code to take complete control over the form. This code allows you to customise the CSS to match the look of your website, as well as add a variety of additional form elements, so you can capture any extra data that's important to your business. This could include the customer's company name and email address. They could even specify a time they'd like to be called back.

How much does it cost to use Click to Call?

The cost to call someone back will depend on where you're calling from and the number your customer has requested to be called back on.

Use the form below to see how much calls will cost you. Please note that enabling Call Recording will add a £0.02/minute (2p) surcharge.

Keeping track of your requests

Whenever someone requests a call back, we'll send you an email alert. Missed a Click to Call request? We'll alert you again, so you can get back to the customer when you're ready.

Your Click to Call logs give you information on all call back requests. We even include any custom information you choose to capture (if you've set up an advanced Click to Call form that is).

Click to Call FAQ's

For more FAQ's please visit our FAQ's page

Ordering and adding Click to Call

If you already have an account with TTNC and want to make use of this service from today, you can simply add this, along with any of our other services, at any time through the store in myTTNC.

Otherwise, click the button below and you'll be up and running in minutes.

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