About TTNC

The complete cloud telecommunications provider

Regulated by Ofcom as a Telecoms Network Operator TTNC Limited is a business class provider of end to end communication solutions. Our services include geographic and non geographic telephone numbers, call management packages and Voice over IP Services through to SIP Trunks, Call Tracking and bespoke telephone answering services

Our Network has been designed to provide a fully resilient service delivery platform with no single point of failure. This, combined with our unique user friendly API gives us the ability to provide our customers with a unique cloud communication platform

Founded in 2004 our core focus and values have remained the same to this day

Control your communication

Benefit from using our advanced technology

We built our own platform using various open source tools and software. You'll be using some of the most advanced communication technologies available. As a team we look to stay up to date with the latest technology. We'll look for what's happening in the industry so we can introduce new ideas to benefit our customers. We work hard to ensure we understand what the customer needs now - and what they will need in 2 years, 5 years and 10 years time.

The UK's Most Comprehensive Range of Telephone Numbers

With every telephone number range for every town and every city in the UK and 42 countries worldwide TTNC can guarantee 100% coverage. Alongside our UK Non-geographic and Freephone number ranges and Toll Free Numbers for the USA and Canada we can provide your business with a complete global numbering solution.

Number range map

Wide range of bolt on services

TTNC provide a wide range of complimentary business class telecoms services - scalable call management packages, Voice over IP Services such as Hosted VoIP Telephony and SIP Trunks, bespoke call forwarding and call tracking. We believe in flexibility, innovation, and listening to our customers so if we haven't got a solution we will build one for you.

Competitive and straightforward pricing

We believe we offer the best value numbers and services in the UK. Prices are transparent and easy to understand. Our numbers come with a range of free value added tools to get you started; this includes free Call Statistics and free use of myTTNC (our control panel). You can make changes to your numbers and services when you need to.

Who's using our services

  • NHS
  • Countrywide
  • Jaguar
  • Manheim

Regulators, memberships and Code of Practice

We take our role as a communication service provider very seriously and part of that is to ensure our customers are protected. That means we adhere strictly to all relevant rules, policies, laws and best practices set out by relevant regulators and industry groups.


Ofcom is the regulator of the UK telecommunication industry and has allocated over 6 million numbers to TTNC. Ofcom has also approved TTNC's Code of Practice.


Comms Council

We're a member of Comms Council UK (formerly known as ITSPA) and follow the Comms Council Code of Practice and best practices to eliminate fraud and to protect end users.



We're a member of the Federation of Communication Services (FCS), an industry body for communication service providers.


Phone-paid Services Authority

Phone-paid Services Authority is the UK regulator for Premium Rate communication services and TTNC is a registered Service Provider.


Ombudsman Services

It is an Ofcom requirement that communication providers are members of an Ofcom approved alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme. We're a member of Ombudsman Services (OS) for this.



We're registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to process data under the Data Protection Act (our registration number is Z8954189)