Voice over IP services from TTNC

The smart connection for your business and your team

Deciding to use a VoIP service is an easy and smart choice to make. But you also need to be smart when it comes to choosing a VoIP provider. You need a provider you can trust, that has the knowledge and experience to support your business.

Being one of the first VoIP providers in the UK, we've gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience. Thousands of businesses trust us and use our services every day. We have customers that signed up with us in 2007 who are still using our VoIP services, something we’re very proud about and a claim that few other providers can make.

VoIP User

VoIP User

This is a fully hosted solution and requires little more than an Internet connection, a TTNC phone number and some free software.

Create a VoIP User for each person in your business so they can receive and make calls over the Internet using their mobile, tablet, computer or a VoIP desk phone.

  • Caller ID - Show your TTNC phone number as the caller ID on outbound calls
  • Any device - Use any device from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Extensions - Create internal extension numbers for users and call each other for free
  • Inclusive features - Call handling management, auto failover, call logs

  • Who is it for?

    Local tradespeople, small/home office workers, entrepreneurs, sole traders, start-ups and businesses with remote workers.

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SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks

TTNC's SIP Trunk service allows a business to connect a PBX with our VoIP network. That business can then use their existing PBX and Internet connection to make and receive calls.

As calls to and from the PBX travel across our network, you can use our cloud platform, myTTNC, to manage all aspects of your services and numbers.

  • Elastic outbound - No outbound channel limit
  • Scalable - Increase or decrease inbound channel capacity at any time
  • Security - Static IP authentication, Access Control List (ACLs) management
  • Automatic failover - Set up auto failover to PSTN in the event of an outage

  • Who is it for?

    Any business using one or more premise based PBX, or any UK based business using ISDN lines.

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TTNC’s highly resilient and scalable VoIP network spans six locations in three countries, handles millions of calls each month and supports over 16,000 customers using more than 100,000 lines and numbers.