Access to 999/112 emergency services

TTNC provides access to the UK public emergency call services to all of our SIP Trunk customers within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who use it for an outbound service.

We work with the Emergency Handling Authority (EHA) and Ofcom and pass on the address of where calls are being made from to the EHA. If you don't have a fixed address then we recommend that you don't use our emergency service unless you can update your address each time you change location.

Activating Emergency Access

Your TTNC SIP Trunk and associated VoIP phone services are technically portable so it's important that you register the address of your main location or device and keep it updated. You can register or edit your Emergency Access Address via our online customer control panel, myTTNC.

  • Go to the Account section and then click on Emergency Access Address and follow the instructions.

Once you've provided us with an address, we'll verify it and submit the details to the Emergency Handling Authority. This ensures that the emergency services will be able to access your address should it not be provided during the emergency call.

Calling 999 / 112 emergency services

When you dial either 999 or 112, your call is routed from the TTNC network to national emergency operators who will handle your call.

The emergency operator will ask for specific information to correctly transfer your call.

You will need to state clearly and promptly the nature of your emergency, your location and phone number, and any other requested information.

The emergency operator will then route your call to the appropriate emergency service, such as:

  • the ambulance service;
  • the police;
  • the fire service;
  • the coastguard services;
  • mountain and cave rescue services.


Please note that this service relies on you having an active Internet connection from the device you're using. If you lose your Internet connection, have a power cut or your account is no longer active, all services including 999/112 Emergency Call services will not be available. Therefore we recommend that you use a fixed line or mobile phone to make calls to the emergency services whenever possible.

Charges when calling Emergency Services

Calls to 999 and 112 Emergency Service numbers are free of charge to our end users.

Service Providers that resell or utilise our Emergency Service on behalf of end users will be charged a call set up fee of £1.25 per call, plus 55 pence per minute.

Administration costs for correction of missing or invalid data

Where a query is received by TTNC from BT or the Emergency Handling Authority (EHA) for one of the following issues, TTNC will charge £20 per incidence:

  • Incomplete or invalid End User data submitted to the EHA.
  • A call made to 112/999 where incomplete or invalid address data has been submitted for the CLI presented.
  • A call made to 112/999 where a valid CLI is not presented.

All prices shown exclude VAT.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us.