Being able to determine what led to a caller getting in touch can be vital to a business' success, especially if you’re running an advertising campaign. After all, you don’t want to be wasting money on a campaign that isn’t generating any leads.

While a vast proportion of customers are happy with Static Call Tracking via myTTNC's Call Statistics, you can achieve similar results with Google Analytics, which allows you to view your Static and Dynamic Tracking together.

If you're already tracking visitors to your website in Google Analytics, you can view both your call data and web data together. Integrating your call data from telephone numbers both online and offline allow you to analyse all of your contact data in one analytics tool.

  • Everything in one place icon

    Everything in one place

    See your web data and call data in one place. You can even link visitor data with their calls to you.

  • Effective Tracking icon

    Effective Tracking

    Allows you to simply determine lead generation from every advert and help focus future campaigns in the right areas.

  • Dynamic Numbers Icon

    Dynamic Numbers

    Change your displayed number depending on how your visitor reached your site.

  • Call Statistics Icon

    Call Statistics

    As standard, every account has access to Call Statistics. Giving you the complete picture about every call.

  • Monthly Report Icon

    Monthly Report

    Once a month we'll send you an email with an overview of your call volume and of your numbers.

  • Static Numbers Icon

    Static Numbers

    Printed adverts and marketing with fixed numbers can also be tracked as offline campaigns.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase telephone numbers for your marketing campaign.
  2. Set up your campaigns within myTTNC.
  3. Link your campaigns to your Google ID.
  4. For Dynamic Call Tracking, add the generated code to your website.
  5. See call data appear as Events in Google Analytics.
Keyword Tracking image

Call Data in the Google Analytics Events report

Dynamic Call Tracking

Also known as 'Dynamic Number Insertion', can used for online advertisements and websites, where you're looking for information about your visitor. More than one number is assigned to the advert, and each number is given a criteria which, when met, will be displayed, this includes a 'default' number which is displayed if none of the criteria are met.

All that is needed is a short piece of code, available to copy from myTTNC, inserted into your website, which will trigger the dynamic number insertion, and the numbers assigned to each criterion.

The possible criteria are:

Keyword Tracking

When a visitor reaches your site after searching for a keyword or words for example "Call Tracking" a specific number is displayed.

Keyword Tracking image

Referral Tracking

When a visitor arrives at your site from a defined domain (for example an online trade directory) a specific number is displayed.

Referral Tracking image

Pay-Per-Click Tracking

When a visitor reaches your site via a PPC link, for example Google Ads a specific number is displayed.

Pay-Per-Click Tracking image

Static Call Tracking

This is usually used for offline and simple online advertising, where a single number is displayed or printed. Each advertising source has it's own unique number that can be simply tracked.

Static Call Tracking can also be achieved solely within myTTNC, without integrating with Google Analytics. For more information, see our Call Tracking page.

Useful to see the effectiveness of:

  • Newspaper and magazine adverts
  • Mailshots and leaflets
  • Billboard posters
  • Trade directory entries (online and printed)
  • Social media campaigns
  • Banner ads on websites

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Start the search for your number here. All numbers are £2.18 per month, with memorable numbers having a higher first month cost. All numbers require a Call Management Package which start from £2.73/month.

If you're looking to track your calls using multiple numbers, you can see our tiered monthly number pricing and submit an enquiry on our Wholesale Numbers page.

Download the Google Analytics Integration PDF