Take control of your numbers and services with myTTNC

  • Access your account online anytime and anywhere
  • Make unlimited changes to your numbers at no extra cost
  • View detailed, real-time call data
Take control of your numbers and services with myTTNC

What can you use myTTNC for?

Number setup

Take control over the setup of your numbers, from basic Call Forwarding to managing our advanced Call Management features. All changes are instant

Track your calls

View itemised Call Statistics across all your numbers, analyse your latest call volume with graphs or integrate your call data with Google Analytics

Account and billing

Manage all aspects of your account, whether it's setting up Automatic Top Up, editing your alert settings or browsing through all your previous invoices

Make calls

Use the built-in keypad to display your TTNC number when making calls. We use your existing landline or mobile, so no additional hardware is required


Reach out to your customers using one of the most popular ways to communicate - SMS. You can also set up your local numbers to receive messages


Get rid of that old fax machine by setting up any of your numbers to receive faxes via email. Need to send a fax? Use myTTNC to send it for you

Inbox and notifications

Keep up to date with all your latest messages using Inbox. Notification icons in the header keep you alerted whenever something new comes in

myTTNC Store

Expand your reach with a new local number or improve your customer experience with our services. You can buy whatever you need in myTTNC Store

Ever since we first started with TTNC we've been continually impressed with their wide range of services, their competitive pricing and especially the new management system which makes managing our numbers and our expenses a breeze...

Mathew Keegan - Jolly Good Websites - 5/5
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Instantly make changes to your numbers, whenever you want

From changing the forwarding of a number to managing a service, myTTNC gives you complete control over your setup.

And because you have a direct connection to our network, changes are made instantly. So there's no waiting around for us to make the changes, allowing you to spend more time managing your business and less time managing your phone numbers.

Discover what you can do with your numbers Discover what you can do with your numbers
Call tracking icon

Track your calls, with real-time, itemised Call Statistics

Regardless of your company's size, having access to up to date call data can be invaluable to your business.

Whether you're monitoring call volumes, identifying peak times or analysing the effectiveness of an advert, we have a range of different ways to help you view and track your calls.

See how Call Statistics could help your business See how Call Statistics could help your business
Billing icon

Managing your account and billing

myTTNC gives you access to all aspects of your account. From updating your personal details to viewing invoices, you can access this information from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Add a payment card to your account and you can sit back and relax, knowing that any future payments will be taken automatically, and securely, without you having to lift a finger.

Find out more about account management Find out more about account management
Dialout icon

Making calls using your TTNC number

Being able to display the same number for both inbound and outbound calls can help to strengthen your brand image.

So use the built-in keypad in myTTNC to call your customers displaying the same number on their handset as you display on your website.

See how making a call works
See how making a call works
SMS and FAX icon

Use myTTNC to communicate with your customers via SMS and fax

You want to maximise on every opportunity to communicate with your customers and expand your business. And we want to help you with that.

myTTNC can be used as an advanced communications platform, so you can reach out to your customer base via SMS, or even finally ditch that old fax machine and go completely digital.

Discover how you can benefit from SMS and fax Discover how you can benefit from SMS and fax

Taking control of your phone numbers has never been easier

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