BT's OSIS is a centrally administered database containing over 27 million telephone numbers for businesses and individuals in the UK.

OSIS is the most up-to-date and accurate source of telephone number information available, with up to 80,000 updates each day.

Every 118 Directory Enquiry service provider in the UK uses OSIS, as well as the various printed and online directories.

  • Submit your TTNC number to OSIS - BT's centrally administered database
  • OSIS is the most up to date source of telephone number information available
  • Include a fax number to give your customers more ways to get in touch
  • Listings are normally live within four working days of submission



per number


fax & phone number

List your telephone and fax numbers in BT's OSIS

If you buy a telephone or fax number from us, you can have them listed together in the OSIS database, along with your business name and business activity.

Each number that's submitted to OSIS costs £15 + VAT, so if you submit a telephone number and fax number, the price will be £30 + VAT.

Listings are usually live within 4 working days of submission.

Please note: We can only submit TTNC numbers to OSIS; we can't submit any other network operators numbers.

Next Step

If you're already a TTNC customer and would like to add an entry to OSIS; login to myTTNC, fill out the OSIS Submission form and make payment.

If you're not yet a TTNC customer, start looking for your number here. As soon as you're all set up with us, just follow the instructions above and add your entry to the OSIS database.

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