Number Porting

Port your telephone number to TTNC

What does porting a number mean? Number Porting means transferring the management and billing of a telephone number from one service provider to another. This means you can keep the same telephone number but change your service provider.

If you have a telephone number that you'd like to move to TTNC, you would port it to us.

  • It costs £25 per submission to port a number. Once a number has been ported to TTNC, it will have a £2 monthly renewal.
  • It takes between just 7 and 10 working days for a number port to complete. *
  • Your number stays active with your old provider right up until it switches to us. There's no downtime; we simply let you know once the port is complete and we've taken responsibility for your number.

      * Based on porting a single number. Porting multiple numbers can take longer.

Why port a telephone number to TTNC?

  • You want to keep your phone number because you're moving, or just don't want to pay line rental anymore.
  • You want lower call forwarding charges and to save hundreds of pounds a year.
  • You want better customer services and more advanced call solutions.
  • You want real time, online Call Statistics and itemised billing for your number.
  • You want an online control panel to manage your number and account (we call it myTTNC).
  • You want to have all of your numbers with TTNC.

What type of telephone numbers can be ported?

We can port in most UK Numbers beginning with 01, 02, 03 and 08 from more than 50 other providers.

Display Providers

Buzz Networks
Citrus Telecom
COLT Technology Services
Easynet (MDNX)
Edge Telecom
Essensys Ltd
Eurobell (Holdings) Limited
Excell Group
Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd
GCI Network Solutions
Hello Telecom UK
i-Net Communications Group
i-Net Telecoms
Inclarity PLC
Invomo/GCI Com
IP Wholesale Ltd
Kalnet4U (Tamar)
KCOM (Affiniti)
Level 3 Communications
Level 3 Communications Ltd
Magrathea Telecommunications Ltd
Metronet UK
National Telephone Assistance
Net-Work Internet Ltd
Numbergroup Network
Orange Business Holdings
Orbital Net
Orbtalk Ltd
Red Matter (Natterbox)
Resilient PLC
Simwood eSMS
Spitfire Network Services Ltd
Syntec Limited
TalkTalk Communications Limited
Telecom2 Ltd
Telephony Services
Telephony Services/AQL
TelXL Ltd
Verizon UK Ltd
Virgin Media Business Limited
Virgin Media Wholesale Limited
Vodafone (C&W)
Vodafone (Energis)
Vodafone (Thus)
Vodafone (Your Comms)
Voicenet Solutions Ltd (8*8)
Voxbone SA
X-On (Storacall)

Use the tool below to check the information for any UK telephone number. If this shows that your number was allocated to one of the providers listed above, then we should be able to port that number to TTNC.

* We are unable to port Non-geographic numbers from this provider

How do I port my number to TTNC?

To keep your existing number we do all the administration and hard work for you and within 7 to 10 working days your account will be switched to us. If you would like to go ahead and port your number/s to TTNC then please follow these steps:

  • Complete the porting form linked below. You'll need to submit this form for each number you wish to port.
  • Download and sign the Client Letter of Authorisation. Once completed, it should be emailed to from your business email address. Please note, we are unable to proceed with your port request without this document.

Please note: If the number was attached to a physical line (such as a single line BT number) then that line will automatically be ceased when the port takes place. If you have any broadband services on the line, the broadband service will cease when the port takes place.

Begin your port submission

What happens behind the scenes?

Without getting too technical, here is how the Number Porting process works:

  1. The end user (the user of the telephone number, you) fills out the relevant porting forms required by the gaining provider (such as us, TTNC).

  2. The gaining provider then communicates with the losing provider (such as BT), passing on the request to port away from them.

  3. The losing provider verifies that the porting request is valid.

  4. Following this validation they then agree to the porting request with the gaining provider.

  5. Once the gaining provider has this agreement in place with the losing provider, they can then prepare the services needed for the number being ported ready for the agreed porting time.

  6. At the agreed time, the losing provider ports the number to the gaining provider. This change of provider is updated on the UK public network so all calls will be forward to the gaining providers network.
Download the porting guide Client Letter of Authorisation