We'll support your business by answering your inbound calls when you can't. Our specially trained team of PA's will answer all calls professionally with your company name, capture the details you require, and instantly send across all the required information to you via email.

Our answering team is based in the UK and can answer your calls 24/7; now is the time to stand above your competitors and offer the best level of service possible. With no extra charge for calls received out of hours, you can't go wrong.

You will find our Telephone Answering Service cheaper and easier than hiring, training and paying a new member of staff to work or cover these hours.

Excellent Answering Telephone Service I am delighted with the telephone answering service. As a busy foot health practitioner I am not disturbed with calls. I am alerted by email when a call has been delivered and I am able to return calls at earliest convenience. This telephone service I highly recommend.

Source: Ms Moore

Services We Offer:

  • Basic Messaging Service

    Our Telephone Answering Service can be used to take and forward basic details from a customer such as: name, number and reason for calling.

  • Out Of Hours

    Our Telephone Answering Service operates 24/7, taking your calls during the middle of the night, or on Christmas Day at no additional cost. Great if you're looking to expand into the international market.

  • Overflow / Holiday Cover

    Our service is monthly rolling, allowing you to use it seasonally to cover a particularly busy period and cancel when you no longer require us to answer your calls, at no additional cost.

  • Customer Support

    Our team of long-established, professional assistants can be used to answer a variety of questions, take orders and even book appointments depending on your submitted script.

  • Live Switchboard

    Supply us with a flow, and our Telephone Answering Service will route your calls to the relevant destinations as and when the calls come in.

  • Bespoke Setup

    Every account is created based on your specific needs, making sure that your calls are handled professionally in the exact manner you want them to be taken.

  • Disaster Recovery

    If the unthinkable happens our service can kick in and take calls for you, when you're unable to.

Telephone Answering Charges

Costs of Telephone Answering Service
Monthly Subscription £10.91
Price Per Call £1.04/minute (104p)
Email Notifications Free
SMS Notifications £0.12/SMS (12p)
Transferred Calls (UK Landline) £0.022/minute (2.2p)
Transferred Calls (UK Mobile) £0.11/minute (11p)

Telephone Answering Setup Proccess


Complete your script


Select address book entry


We'll answer your calls


Receive the call details

We understand the importance of being the voice of your business and the vast flexible nature of our service, we'll take the time to ensure we provide the best service to you, and your calls are being answered and handled how you would like.

Start the process by enquiring below, we'll then contact you to help you complete a simple templated script; this will capture your business information and how you want your calls to be handled.

Once finalised, we'll have the PA's briefed and ready to answer your calls within just 1-2 working days.

We'll provide you with an address book entry within myTTNC. This can be placed as your main destination, an overflow, or simply used to cover those times when you are away from the phone or short on staff - the choice is yours!

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Telephone Answering Service FAQ's

  • Am I tied into a contract?

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    Not at all, the service is rolling on a monthly basis, all you need to do is tell us you'd like to cancel before the first of the next month. This is perfect for when you're looking for a temporary solution, for example covering that annual holiday or an expected busy period.

  • Can I use your service with a non TTNC number?

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    Yes, however you'd need to port your existing number across to us and make it a TTNC number.

  • How quickly do I receive the messages?

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    Messages are sent in real time, as soon as the call is ended you will get the details sent across to you. There is no waiting around for the message to be composed, this is all done during the call.

    This means you're only charged for the length of the call.

  • Can you answer multiple calls at one time?

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    With an answering team of over 150 staff, we're certain that we can handle all the concurrent calls you need.

  • Will you answer all my calls?

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    We offer you the ability to change the forwarding position of our answering service. We can answer all your calls, offer you overflow support, or simply take your out-of-hours calls.

    You can adjust the ringing order at any time via myTTNC.

  • Will callers know they are speaking to an answering service?

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    This is up to you, you choose how the answering team refer to themselves. They could be your receptionist, colleague, out of hours support team, an answering service or maybe something else.

For more FAQ's please visit our FAQ's page