Follow Me 070 Numbers from £20 a year

Free call forwarding to most destinations

How about this 50 ppm number?
070 2229 5407
Just £20 a year

Why use a personal 070 Number?

Beware, these are not mobile numbers - it costs 50p/min to call from a BT landline

Ideal as a temporary number whenever you don't want to give out your real number

You can forward your calls to a UK landline or mobile for absolutely no cost to you

Forward to over 350 international landline and mobile destinations for free

Numbers start at just £20 a year, with more memorable numbers available

In a matter of minutes you could be set up and ready to receive calls

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Standard £20

How 070 number call forwarding works

Buy a number to use on your website, business stationery or on the side of your van

You set up your number to forward to your mobile or landline (or even both)

When someone calls, we forward the call to you and you answer it as normal

Buy an 070 Number and get the Essential Package free

Some providers will charge you to make the simplest of changes to your virtual numbers; but we don't believe in that. We want you to have control of your numbers and give you the tools to really make the most of them.


Our online control panel gives you complete control over your TTNC account.

Call Forwarding

You're in charge of where you receive calls. Set up forwarding to mobiles or landlines.

Call Statistics

Measure how effective your advertising is or see how many calls you've received lately.

Dial Through

Make a call from your landline or mobile, with your TTNC number shown on the caller display.

What else do I get?
Google Analytics

Integrate your call data with Google Analytics and track it alongside your web traffic.

Dial Out

Display your TTNC number when making a call using the built-in keypad in myTTNC.

Hunt Group

Have a sequence of up to 3 destinations to increase your chances of answering.


Get all received voicemail messages sent straight to your email inbox.

Fax to Email

Ditch the old fax machine and receive your fax messages straight to your email.

Outbound Fax

Start sending faxes either through myTTNC or direct from your email account.

VoIP Termination

Benefit from free call forwarding on certain number ranges by forwarding calls to VoIP.

CLI Presentation

Like when someone calls you directly, we show their number on your handset's display.

Email and SMS alerts

Keep completely up to date and informed with what's happening with your numbers and account.

Dial In Management

Can't get to a computer? Dial in and take control of your numbers wherever you are.

A temporary alternative

It's quite common to use an 070 number as an alternative number (or temporary number) in adverts, chat rooms or anytime you want to keep your 'real' mobile or landline number private.

  • Forward your calls to international and mobile destinations for free.
  • Instant activation - ready to forward your calls to your existing landline or mobile.
  • Make changes to your destination as often as you need to without being charged.
  • Manage all aspects of your account using our online control panel - myTTNC.

Beware of the callers cost

It's happened before. These numbers have been mistaken for a mobile number and the caller has been blissfully unaware (that is until they get their bill) that calls to these numbers can cost up to 50p per minute (that's how much they cost with us). So, in order to try and limit this issue:

  • Wherever your number is displayed (websites, printed material, listings and even print on the side of vehicles) you will also need to display the cost per minute.
  • We may ask you for details about how you're going to be using the number when you order. This is simply part of our responsibility as your Service Provider.
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