You don't have to be in the UK to receive inbound calls on our numbers; you can forward calls to destinations anywhere in the world.

With the UK Ringtone Bolt On, your customers won't need to know that their call is being answered outside the UK (unless you choose to tell them). They'll hear the same ringtone as if they were calling a number in their town.

  • Play the UK ringtone to your callers, regardless of where in the world you are.
  • Ensure your callers aren't put off by an overseas ringtone when they call your UK number.
  • Perfect if you frequently travel abroad, or have offices overseas.



a month


1 year Save 8%


2 year Save 13%

Please note: This service is for business use only.

We're unable to apply a UK Ringtone to a non-TTNC number.

How to set-up

  1. Add the UK Ringtone Bolt On to your basket when purchasing a new number from our website, alternatively, you can add the Bolt On to an existing number from the myTTNC Store.
  2. Set your forwarding destination in myTTNC.
  3. Enable UK Ringtone on your TTNC number.

That's it, once you complete these three steps, callers to your TTNC Number will hear the UK Ringtone regardless of where you are.

UK Ringtone FAQ's

  • Do I need to turn off the service when I'm in the UK?

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    You can leave this service running all the time if you like. As you'll be on a UK network, your callers will just hear the standard ringtone.

  • Is there an additional cost involved with using this service abroad?

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    So long as you're forwarding to a UK landline or mobile, we won't charge you any extra to receive your calls.

    However, your provider may charge you extra for receiving the calls outside the UK, so be sure to speak with them before taking your phone abroad.

  • Are there any other costs?

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    In addition to the cost of the Bolt On, you would need a TTNC Number. Standard numbers cost £2/month, and inbound calls have a forwarding charge, more details can be found here.

    Forwarding to VoIP costs £4 per month and offers free inbound calls. More information can be found here.

For more FAQ's please visit our FAQ's page


Visit our Help Centre for information about how to use and set up UK Ringtone.

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