The perfect Voice over IP service that makes business better

Combine with our pre-configured VoIP Handsets and Cloud based platform for the complete communications solution

  • Free Calls - Inbound and Internal
  • Multi User Functionality
  • Inclusive Call Handling Features
  • Portal Management
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Cloud based telecoms solutions for your business including virtual phone numbers, call forwarding, VoIP, call tracking, fax and SMS

Start using a virtual number from just £20 a year and break free from physical lines

Forward calls to any kind of destination and still present the same number on your outbound calls from any device. We can offer you a choice from over 7 million telephone numbers, which is probably the biggest selection available from a supplier in the UK.

Customise your solution with advanced call handling features

Choose from over 25 additional features to enhance your businesses phone system. Flexible call forwarding, caller identification or call reporting tools are all available for any of the numbers you're getting.

Bolt ons

Starting from just £2 a month add individual features to a single number as a Bolt On

Create your own call handling solution with our Bolt Ons
Bolt ons

If you have more than one number have the same set up across them all. Choose from our pre-selected Packages for the best value

Choose from our pre-selected call handling Packages

At the heart of our cloud based communication solution is myTTNC

This is our advanced online control panel. It gives you complete control over your service wherever you have Internet access.

Manage your numbers

Change where you forward your calls, set up and assign new VoIP users

Upgrade your solution

Add new services so your communication system keeps up with your business

Track your calls

Real time call statistics, import your call data to Google Analytics

Access our API

For advanced users to integrate 3rd party systems with our API

Manage your billing

Keep track of your renewals, payments and invoices