Diamond Driveways Case Study

Using TTNC's Telephone Answering Service to provide outstanding customer service.

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The Customer

Diamond Driveways (Diamond Services South East Ltd) are the leading professionals for Driveways, Block Paving and Patios in London, Essex and the South-East.

They are a family-run business with over 35 years of experience, and are an approved member of Interlay; the Association of Block Paving Contractors. With over 360 reviews and a 9.85 rating on checkatrade.com, they are known in the industry for providing outstanding installations, and customer service to match.

The Challenge

As an ambitious, growing business, fielding every single enquiry is vital.

When we sat down to analyse the potential loss we face every time we missed a call, the output forced us to act quickly. We set a simple target.. Not to miss another telephone enquiry again.

With increased investment in a wide variety of marketing channels, we’re increasingly focused on understanding and engaging with new clients. Today, convenience and accessibility to our services is everything. Our clients are busy people with busy lives, so we knew that it was important to provide access at times of day, and via new channels that suit them best. We wanted to provide a 24/7, 365 days a year service, and sought out a partner who could deliver.

It was also essential for us to better understand how effective our marketing strategy was in real time. So, gathering the right amount of information for each enquiry was a major consideration in the search.

  • Missed calls
  • Offering limited contact hours
  • Loss of sales
  • Difficult to track marketing efforts

Objectives & Goals

We needed a selection of services to help us support our growth plans. We wanted to monitor incoming call volumes in real time / digitally, and create time plans to direct calls to different members of the team based on our schedule. It was essential we had a 24/7 answering service who would respond to initial enquiries in a knowledgeable and professional manner. We also needed to have trust in response times; making sure that new enquiries were passed on to our team quickly so not to lose momentum with a prospective client.

The Solution

TTNC manages our 0800 number, and we access their online platform (myTTNC) on a regular basis to monitor inbound client enquiries via the Call Statistics. The data provided is easy to understand, and allows us to build a fuller picture of new enquiries across the business.

In addition, we set up a Telephone Answering Service account to support our in-house team, ensuring all our calls are answered and fielded quickly. We also purchased Time Based Forwarding as a way to automate and control our call flows based on the time of day, and day of the week.

  • Call Statistics providing the data needed to track marketing efforts.
  • Telephone Answering Service set up to ensure there are no more missed calls, and sales opportunities.
  • Bespoke script to ensure only the most important information is captured on calls.
  • Time Based Forwarding to automate the process to match their in-house work schedule.

The Result

As a driveway and paving specialist, most of our time is spent on site installing bespoke projects for our clients. Taking care of their needs, and delivering quality workmanship is our core objective. Safe in the knowledge that TTNC's Telephone Answering Service is on hand to field enquiries at busy times during the day, allowing us to focus on the job in hand.

Being available 24/7 and answering all our calls quickly and professionally gives callers confidence in us as a company. It shows how much we value our clients, and represents our ethos across the business.

We have been extremely impressed by the speed that enquiries are transcribed, and passed on to our team to process. Time kills deals so it’s essential we minimize the time it takes for us to make contact with new clients, and strike while the need for our service is foremost in their minds.

The number of missed enquiries has been reduced to zero. The ability to convert these into successful projects has made a significant difference to our bottom line. Simply put, we are doing more business, and making more money.

TTNC has also improved efficiency by capturing vital client information and passing this through to input into our systems. We have been able to build (and adapt) a script to effectively handle enquiries as well as capture the most important information to empower us to convert these into sales.

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"As with all partnerships, success is about people. We’ve been very impressed by TTNC’s commitment to making the commercials clear and onboarding process straight forward. Their personal approach has continued beyond signing us up as a customer and we work together on a regular basis to fine-tune the processes and maximise results. We have no hesitation in recommending TTNC and their team."


"Diamond Driveways have had their 0800 number with us since 2010. Mark contacted us towards the end of 2018 to help them increase their customer service line response rate.

With a combination of Time Based Forwarding and the Telephone Answering Service, we were able to provide the perfect solution to the problems faced.

We're pleased that the services provided have had such a positive impact on the daily and future progress of the company in such a short timeframe."

William Hodge — Customer Service Manager, TTNC