The Masons Yorkshire Gin Case Study

Integrating TTNC's award-winning, scalable, VoIP service with existing hardware.

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The Customer

Masons Yorkshire Gin is a gin producer in the North Yorkshire Dales in a town called Bedale. Masons Yorkshire Gin was created by Karl and Cathy Mason, gin enthusiasts with no prior knowledge of the industry who set out to produce a drink that stood out from the crowd, a unique gin with more character and more taste.

The Challenge

Our previous provider's prices were spiralling out of control and as the business was growing at such speed, we needed a company that had competitive pricing and the capability to expand with us as our business grew.

With our previous provider, we were unable to access the call data, this meant we were unaware of the number of calls being missed and were unable to report on response rate across locations.

As a team, we didn't have much business telecoms knowledge, so needed a provider that offered great support to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

  • Rising costs.
  • Missed calls.
  • Unable to interrogate call statistics.
  • No experience of changing providers.

Objectives & Goals

We have always had the same contact number since we launched in 2013, it had become an important part of our identity, and something we didn't want to lose.

We already had multiple VoIP handsets throughout the business from our previous supplier, we wanted to continue to use these to keep the hardware costs to a minimum. As we already had experience using VoIP, we knew the functionality available was what we needed, as well as being much cheaper than a physical landline and line rental.

We wanted an online control panel, which would allow us to report on call data as and when necessary, rather than waiting for a monthly report. Being able to add users manually and edit the number configuration was essential to streamline our internal processes and adapt to the business needs.

  • Keep existing telephone number.
  • Reduce costs.
  • The ability to report on call statistics.
  • Be able to scale up the telephony system in the future.

The Solution

After originally finding TTNC on Trustpilot with such rave reviews, we were interested to find out more as we weren’t the happiest with our current provider. We spoke with a very helpful employee, Paul, who guided us through the entire process, from porting our phone numbers, to migration of VoIP users onto our existing hardware.

We decided to utilise TTNC's VoIP Users across our offices. We had experience of VoIP from our previous provider and as TTNC offered a VoIP User at a fixed low monthly cost of £4.00, it would have been silly not to go with them!

Each VoIP User could make outbound calls displaying our main contact number and also had an internal extension number, allowing call transfers and internal calls.

The porting process was straight forward, after the request was submitted, we received a confirmation within a couple of days. At this point Paul guided us through the creation of the VoIP Users and the configuration on our current hardware. As a result, the number ported 5 days later, and we had zero downtime.

  • Porting of their existing numbers.
  • 6 VoIP Users provisioned on existing hardware.
  • An Internal extension number per VoIP User.
  • Online control panel.

The Result

Now our telephone number is on TTNC's network we have increased number functionality and control over all aspects of our account. Using Bolt Ons such as Ring Groups and Hunt Group Pro has helped us minimise the number of missed calls from customers and this helps increase customer satisfaction to all-time highs.

Another great feature of TTNC is the call logging and statistics, it might not be useful for everyone, but it has been for our company. It has allowed us to ensure that we are answering all calls from our customers within a timely manner and not missing anyone out!

Within a few weeks, we knew that TTNC's services were working as we had hoped, and we decided to port our other telephone number onto their network to streamline our telephony.

With new offices in development, we're certain that TTNC will be able to support tens of VoIP Users when the time comes. We can purchase an IP phone and add a VoIP User with ease as new employees join our ever-expanding company.

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“For those who aren’t too tech-savvy, the myTTNC control panel offers a simple navigation across the products they offer. It has been a walk in the park from signing up to setting up our services with them. They always have Live chat support at the ready should you need to contact them.”


“Josh came to us looking for a solution to his company's telecoms issues. After the initial discussion to clarify what was needed, we created a demo account featuring all the Bolt Ons necessary to ensure that our system met his expectations.

Obviously, a company's contact number is important, so the porting of the number was a priority. Masons were using IP Phones bought from their previous provider and it was an easy process to manually provision the handsets using our comprehensive help guides.

It's always a pleasure helping companies create bespoke solutions with TTNC. It is great to see the positive impact we are having on Masons Yorkshire Gin and I look forward to helping the company expand in the future.”

Paul Bell — TTNC