Case Study

Using TTNC real-time telephone number acquisition to react to clients needs.

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The Challenge

We use geographic numbers for marketing and operational purposes for our clients. The ability to set up a number, define call forwarding and apply additional call management features within 24 hours was a must.

Our old supplier wanted long term commitments, and the allocation of any new services was completed via a confusing mix of phone calls and emails.

We wanted a supplier who had a fully self-managed system, which didn't have restrictive contracts and allowed us to purchase new numbers and configure services any time of the day without the need for assistance.

  • Long term contracts
  • Convoluted ordering process
  • Slow to set up numbers
  • Difficulty contacting phone provider

Objectives & Goals

We operate across the UK and are aware that most of our clients wish to be viewed as a 'local' company. By quickly seeing the geographical numbers which are available in a particular area, we can help our client overcome any fears that their business would not be perceived as local.

Being able to provide our clients with telephone numbers and functionality at any hour of the day is vital to the success of our on-boarding process. Having access to an online platform where we can allocate numbers and set up relevant functionality is essential. Not only that, we needed the ability to report separately on each number within our account, giving our clients detailed call statistics.

  • Visibility of phone number ranges across the UK
  • Accessible online control panel
  • Real time purchase and set up of numbers
  • Individual number reporting

The Solution

Due to our old supplier's restrictive terms, and complicated ordering process, we looked for an alternative supplier. We found that TTNC were a match for our requirements and have been by our side for over ten years.

TTNC matches our ideology, and they do not tie us into a contract. This offers us the peace of mind that any numbers we purchase can be removed from our account if they are no longer needed, with no notice period and no cancellation fees. This gives us the confidence that TTNC can offer us the services we desire.

Using the online control panel, myTTNC, we can purchase a phone number, get it configured and able to receive calls within 5 minutes. We can then inform our clients by way of email of their new number, which they can begin to use immediately.

Having the ability to find in-depth statistics about their inbound calls is essential to offer our clients the best possible service. The ease at which we can see the calls and the forwarding destinations of the numbers gives us a great deal of confidence in TTNC.

TTNC offer in-office support via phone, email and live chat, as well as 24-hour emergency support following agreed SLAs as standard.

  • Real time procurement of services with no contracts
  • Online control panel
  • Clear call statistics, and simple reporting
  • Easy to contact support

The Result

We have gone from a confusing array of phone numbers to a more flexible portfolio of geographical numbers, which can be individually tracked in-depth, providing meaningful data, vital for sales reporting.

Using the Call Statistics section of the myTTNC control panel we're able to provide real-time data to our clients, which enables us to inform them about how many calls they've received, the average duration of calls, and where the calls are coming from. This allows them to judge the effectiveness of their marketing.

The ability to find local geographic numbers quickly, then get everything set up, from call forwarding to applying additional call management features within 24 hours was a principal aim. The simplicity of the purchasing process with TTNC has exceeded our expectations, so much so that our clients often comment on how fast we can react.

Purchasing a phone number long term is a commitment that needs to be trust-based, if you publish a number you want to know that it is safe and secure ten years down the line – TTNC gives us this confidence. Logo

“After using an awful number supplier in the past, we found TTNC a breath of fresh air. The online control panel myTTNC is very clean, simple and easy to use - features which are relatively unique in the 'tech-savvy' world of telecoms. When needed, the customer service and technical support have been 10/10 for me, always quick to respond and very helpful indeed."


“Jonathan approached us in 2009, looking for an alternative to their current phone provider with whom at the time they were experiencing issues. They had a fundamental requirement that they can search for, and acquire phone numbers in real-time, without the need to contact a provider to assess options.

In the myTTNC control panel, have full visibility of all our UK number ranges and real-time availability of our numbers. They can log in at any point, day or night, and purchase numbers as their clients require.

It's great to see still utilising our services ten years later, and it is always gratifying to see a company flourishing with our help."

Dave Cullen — TTNC