We Are Marketable Case Study

A complete solution using TTNC's expertise of the porting process, account consolidation and call tracking.

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The Customer

We Are Marketable is a Nottingham based digital marketing agency who run targeted marketing campaigns involving SEO, PPC and social media among many other aspects of digital marketing for local and national based businesses.

The Challenge

We first started using TTNC just after we launched our digital marketing agency in early 2017. In the early days of the agency, we were using TTNC for their standard phone numbers which allow us to directly track the return from our digital marketing campaigns for our clients.

Within the first few months, we won a big contract with a new client to take over the management of their entire website and digital marketing presence, which included all of their phone numbers.

One of the biggest challenges we faced when moving this client over to us, was their existing phone number set up. The previous agency used multiple providers for our client's phone numbers, and each had their own interesting challenge of how to port their numbers to another company.

  • Challenging set up with multiple providers.
  • Difficult to track marketing efforts

Objectives & Goals

With very limited telecoms knowledge within our agency, and still being in the start-up stage of the business, we knew we needed to work with a company who would be able to consolidate our client's existing phone numbers and allow us to track their marketing campaigns. We also wanted the porting process to require minimal effort from us and to not disrupt the client's business.

We continued to expand our relationship with TTNC as they were able to port all the phone numbers for us on our behalf. This gave us complete confidence in their expertise of number porting.

The porting process went very smoothly from our end despite dealing with the four different current providers. Chris and the team at TTNC did a great job, making the process worry-free. This is exactly what we required and why I would fully recommend them if anyone needs to port phone numbers in the future.

  • Consolidation of all numbers with one provider
  • Call Statistics providing the data needed to track marketing efforts
  • Seamless, time-saving solution

The Result

TTNC's porting process was a massive time-saver and a huge benefit to the complete solution we continue to use with TTNC.

TTNC dealt with multiple telecoms providers on our behalf and managed to get the whole situation sorted with minimal effort from our side. There was no downtime and as a result, the client didn't even notice the numbers had been transferred to a new supplier.

I would not have wanted to deal with the complex porting process these numbers alone, I am glad we left it up to the experts at TTNC to manage this for us.

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"Since porting the initial phone numbers to TTNC, we have worked with them for multiple clients and they are our recommended telephone number supplier. We have given their details out to multiple companies and everyone we have spoken to have always been happy with the results, as well as the service TTNC provides."


"We Are Marketable have had their numbers with us since 2017. Ben contacted us to not only track the calls made to his numbers in real time, but also to consolidate his numbers with one provider in a cost-effective, time-saving solution.

I'm pleased to say we've been able to deliver the ideal solution for his business, allowing him to manage all his numbers in one place through our online portal, myTTNC. I particularly look forward to working with Ben in the future."

Chris Bowman — Accounts Manager, TTNC