TTNC was awarded the Internet Telephony Service Provider’s Association (ITSPA) Quality Mark in February 2018, becoming one of just ten companies worldwide to have obtained the accolade.

What is the Quality Mark?

The prime focus of the ITSPA Quality Mark is to help consumers identify Communication Providers who go above and beyond current ITSPA best practices, ensuring a reliable and trusted service.

The Quality Mark has nine requirements:

  • Code of Practice

    Use and adhere to the ITSPA Code of Practice and follow all industry Best Practice Guidance documents.

  • Number Porting

    Have a transparent Number Porting process in place and follow industry Best Practice Guidance documents.

  • Resilient Network and Platform

    Demonstrate that our Network and Services are reliable and resilient and achieving minimum response times and network uptime.

  • Anti-Fraud

    Provide real-time, system-wide active monitoring and alerting for Fraudulent activity and Anti-Fraud measurements and controls in place.

  • Complaints & Dispute Resolution

    Easy to find information on complaints & dispute resolutions & membership to an Ofcom approved Alternative Disputes Regulator such as the Ombudsman services.

  • 999 Emergency Services

    Provide Call access to the Emergency services and End User updates to the Emergency Authorities database using Ofcom approved processes.

  • Nuisance Calls & CLI Presentation

    Have policies for reporting and dealing with Nuisance Calls, and information about CLI Presentation including verifying third-party Numbers.

  • Data Protection

    Follow Data Protection & Retention Compliance Best Practice Guidance documents including new legislastion covering GDPR.

  • SPOC

    Provide a Single Point of Contact showing that there is an easy way to contact the ITSPA member should there be any issues.

Ongoing commitment to Quality

We fully intend to retain the Quality Mark for as long as it exists, but doing so is not automatic; an ISTPA approved independent VoIP monitoring platform continuously monitors our Network for resilience and reliability and each year our Quality Mark will be re-assessed.

Should a Provider not be compliant with the Quality Mark criteria, or in breach of the ITSPA Code of Practice, then their Quality Mark may be withdrawn.

Being awarded the Quality Mark by the UK’s VoIP Industry is a huge honour for us, and we hope it gives a clear signal to existing and new customers that we are committed to delivering top quality and reliable service, backed up by exceptional customer care.

Mark Burcher - Founder and Managing Director

What is ITSPA?

ITSPA stands for "Internet Telephony Service Providers' Association" is a UK membership-led organisation that represents companies which provide Voice over IP services and other “over the top” IP based applications including instant messaging and video.

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