Call Screening will tell you which number your calls are coming from and give you the choice of when to accept a call.

  • You can hear either the dialled TTNC number or the caller's number when you answer the call
  • Calls are only answered if you press '1' on your phone's keypad
  • This helps you to avoid your mobile's voicemail kicking in when you're on other calls or have no signal



a month


1 year Save 8%


2 year Save 13%

How does Call Screening work?

  1. A call comes in to your TTNC number and gets forwarded to your chosen destinations.
  2. Just before you answer the call a message plays telling you which number has been dialled.
  3. Simply press '1' on your keypad to accept the call at any time during the message.

Setting up Call Screening

Call Screening is a really easy service to set up. Simply select it from your list of services in myTTNC, decide which number you'd like to hear (either your TTNC number or the caller's number) and then confirm the settings.

Don't believe it could be that simple? Have a quick read through our step-by-step guide on our Help Centre.

Coping with mobile divert settings

If you're forwarding to a mobile you always have to be aware of any divert settings on the mobile. With Call Screening your personal voicemail on the mobile will never answer the call. To accept a call you'll need to hit a button. If we don't get that response we'll move onto the next destination. This makes it even easier to use personal mobiles for business.

Missed Call email alert

Incorporate it into your Disaster Recovery

When you're thinking Disaster Recovery, it'll probably include forwarding to destinations that you wouldn't normally be forwarding to; other offices, people's mobiles, even people's home numbers - anything to try and make sure you don't miss any calls. Call Screening will provide you with the most effective way of forwarding to uncommon destinations but still ensuring that an appropriate person will answer whilst you recover from whatever's causing you disruption.

Call Screening FAQ's

For more FAQ's please visit our FAQ's page