Our Call Whisper service plays a short voice message to you (the receiver of the call) before connecting the caller with you. This will help you quickly identify whether you're receiving a business or personal call so you can answer with the appropriate company greeting. You don't need any extra hardware, our systems do the work for you and it will work with any handset.

  • Know which of your TTNC numbers has been dialled when you answer the call
  • Give a great first impression by answering your calls in the most appropriate manner
  • Only you hear the whisper message, so the caller is unaware it's being played
  • Great for people with multiple virtual numbers, or who use the same phone for both business and personal calls



a month


1 year Save 8%


2 year Save 13%

How does Call Whisper work?

  1. A call comes in to your mobile; it could be someone calling it directly or it could be someone responding to an advert you've placed with our number in it.
  2. Just before you answer the call, if they have dialled our number that's in your advert, you'll hear a brief recorded message.
  3. This is a message you've created that lets you know straight away that they've dialled your business number.

Setting up Call Whisper

Using our online control panel, myTTNC, setting up Call Whisper is a doddle.

Simply select it from the list of services on your number and then choose a whisper message. It's as simple as that.

If you don't believe it could be that easy, then why not check out the step-by-step guide on setting up Call Whisper?

Buying Call Whisper and telephone numbers in bulk

Call Whisper presents an ideal solution to agencies that want to prove the value of their product or service to their customer. Businesses that supply advertising space, web designers and directory services, to name just a few, all make use of Call Whisper to make their customers aware of the calls they're generating for them.

If you're interested in a wholesale opportunity with TTNC, fill out the form on our Wholesale Telephone Numbers page and a member of the team will contact you to discuss this.

Call Whisper FAQ's

For more FAQ's please visit our FAQ's page