No business wants to miss out on new opportunities or frustrate their existing customers by not answering the phone; but, sometimes it happens.

Missed Call Alert can help you cut down the time it takes for you to respond to missed calls and make you more aware of the calls you seem to be missing through the alerts you'll receive.

  • Get an alert in 15 seconds for any calls you miss
  • We'll send you an email including the caller's details and why the call was missed
  • You can quickly call the customer back to avoid losing any business and to give great customer service



a month


1 year


2 year

How does Missed Call Alert work?

  1. The unfortunate happens and you can't take a call.
  2. Within 15 seconds of you missing that call you'll know about it.
  3. You can receive an email and/or a SMS alert giving you the caller's number (if it's available) and the reason for missing the call.

Watch the Missed Call Alert setup guide (01:05)

Setting up Missed Call Alert

All you need to do to set up Missed Call Alert is to let us know where you'd like to be alerted. Simply enter an email address (or as many as 10 different addresses). If you want to receive SMS alerts as well, enter your mobile number (you can also have up to 10 different numbers).

Want to see just how easy this is to set up? Visit our Help Centre for the step-by-step guide.

Reasons for missing calls

There are a few reasons why you might be missing calls. We'll show you the reason that you missed the call as well the caller's number in your alert. The reason could be:

  • Caller hung up whilst your number was ringing.
  • Caller hung up during your greeting message (if you have one).
  • The carrier we're forwarding to didn't accept the call.

Please note: due to the Data Protection Act, we're unable to display withheld numbers.

Missed Call email alert

SMS alerts

If you decide you want SMS alerts sent to you as well as, or instead of the emails, each SMS will cost you 12p. This can be deducted from your call credit or you can set up an entirely separate balance for it. Buying a block of SMS credits brings down the price of each SMS.

Missed Call SMS alert

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I given a reason why the call was missed?

    Any emails or SMS messages we send to you will include the caller's information as well as why the call was missed.

  • Can the alert be sent to multiple email addresses?

    We can send an alert to up to 10 different email addresses.

  • Can I also receive a SMS alert?

    You sure can. Simply add some mobile destinations and we'll send you a text as well as an email.

    Please note that SMS messages cost 12p per message (or 1 SMS credit if you have credits).

  • What's the difference between the included Voicemail and Voicemail Pro?

    The standard Voicemail service we provide doesn't allow you to record your own custom voicemail greeting - Voicemail Pro does.

    This makes you sound more professional and can also be used to help strengthen your brand image.