Information Lines are widely used by businesses, charities and government departments all over the world. They are quite often used for new product releases, service updates and in emergency situations such as natural disasters.

There is virtually no limit to the amount of concurrent calls our Information Line service can handle and it is an automated service which means you can save on your resources.

  • Information Line plays the same message to all of your callers
  • Use it to promote new products and services or provide information updates
  • Ensure that all your callers hear exactly the same information, without having to rely on staff to read a script
  • Changed your phone number? Let your customers know and provide them with the new number

Calls to Information Line are charged based on the duration of the call. The charge is worked out using the same rate as forwarding to a UK landline, which will vary depending on your tariff and number type. A minimum cost of £0.015 (1.5p) applies to each chargeable call.



a month


1 year Save 8%


2 year Save 13%

How does Information Line work?

  1. You could set up a specific number for your advertising campaigns.
  2. Whenever a call comes into that number, you can present your new products or services using the message you've created for the Information Line service.
  3. This allows you to be as creative as you like with how you deliver the message and you'll know that each customer will hear the same.

Setting up Information Line

Using myTTNC to set up Information Line is a breeze.

Simply select Information Line from the Call Forwarding page and select your message. And just like that, you're ready to go.

Don't believe it could be that easy? Have a read through our help page to see.

Information Line FAQ's

For more FAQ's please visit our FAQ's page