Ring Groups

Increase your team’s efficiency & improve customer satisfaction by ensuring your callers get through to the right person, at the right time.

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About our Ring Groups service

Advanced call distribution for groups and teams

Our Ring Group service allows you to forward calls to a pre-determined group of people in a specific order or method, ensuring calls are efficiently distributed to specific groups or departments such as Sales, Support and Finance.

When you receive a call to a TTNC Number forwarding to a Ring Group, all members of that group will receive the call at the same time or in a specific order, according to how you have set the Ring Strategy.

Ring Groups provide flexibility on how you handle your inbound calls which can make a big difference to your staff and customers.

Ring Group features

Our Ring Groups service is available as part of the Enhanced and Everything packages. There are no limits to the amounts of groups you can set up and use. Each group is limited to a maximum of 15 people per group. Contact us if you need more.

  • Multiple ring strategies and orders
  • Set ring time for each destination
  • Itemised call reports & call data
  • Works with all other call services
  • Use with VoIP, landline or mobile
  • Add additional users at any time

What is a Ring Strategy?

The ring strategy allows you to control how each destination will be rung. You can select from three ring strategies:

Hunt group

Calls one destination at a time and each destination will be attempted for the specified ring time duration.

Memory Hunt

Adds the next destination in the group list and rings it along with all the previous destinations until the end of the list is reached.

Forward to All

Rings all the destinations in the group list at the same time for the specified ring time duration.

What is a Ring Order?

The Ring Order is exactly that, the order in which you want the destinations within a group to be called.

The Ring Order functions can only be used when using the Hunt group ring strategy.


Each destination will be attempted in the order shown in your destinations list. You can drag and drop your destinations to re-order them.

Least Answered

The destinations will ring based on calls answered, starting with the fewest.

Longest Waiting

The destinations will ring based on time since they have answered a call, starting with the greatest time.

Least Talk Time

The destinations will ring based on time they have spent on calls, starting with the least time spent.

A Flexible Solution

Small Team Icon

Small team

Forward to all to allow everyone to pick up and ensure the customer spends least time waiting as possible.

Sales Team Icon

Sales team

Hunt group and least answered will allow all members to get their fair share of sales leads.

Multiple Departments Icon

Multiple departments

Create a group per department with different inbound numbers, or if everyone in one department is busy another can be attempted.


Visit our Help Centre and see how to set your Ring Groups up

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