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Powerful distribution of your inbound calls

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About Our Ring Groups Service

Flexibility on how you route your inbound phone calls can make a big difference to your staff and customers. It will ensure customers speak to who they need and that calls are fairly distributed to your teams. Look at some of our Ring Group features below:

  • Multiple ring strategies and orders
  • Combine VoIP and PSTN destinations
  • Individual destination ring times
  • Works with IVR, Time Based Forwarding & Voicemail

The ring strategy

The Ring Groups strategy allows you to control how each destination will be rung:

Hunt Group - Rings one destination at a time

Forward to All - Rings all the destinations at the same time

Memory Hunt - Similar to a standard hunt group but each destination continues to ring as more are rung

Ring Orders

When hunting you can also choose in which order the destinations should ring:

Sequential - Each destination will be attempted in the order added when creating your group

Least Answered - The destinations will be ordered by the amount of calls answered, starting with the fewest.

Longest Waiting - The destinations will be ordered by the amount of time since they has answered a call, starting with the greatest time.

Least Talk Time - The destinations will be ordered by the amount of time they have spent on calls, starting with the least time spent.

A Flexible Solution

Small Team Icon

Small team

Forward to all to allow everyone to pick and ensure the customer spends least time waiting as possible

Sales Team Icon

Sales team

Hunt group and least answered will allow all members to get their fair share of sales leads

Multiple Departments Icon

Multiple departments

Create a group per department with different inbound numbers, or if everyone in one department is busy another can be attempted


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