The Forward to All Bolt On is a great solution for getting your calls answered more quickly or if you want a fairer way of distributing your calls, so it's not always the same person answering the phone.

As well as providing you the ability to forward to 10 destinations, we can also attempt them at the same time, cutting down the time your customer has to wait for their call the be answered.

  • Increase your chances to answer, with up to 10 destinations
  • All destinations ring at the same time, so whoever picks up the phone first, gets the call
  • Provide a better customer experience by answering your calls quicker



a month


1 year Save 8%


2 year Save 13%

How does Forward to All work?

  1. A call comes into your number. Rather than have just one phone ring, why not have 10?
  2. You set up a group of numbers to ring, at the same time, whenever a call comes in.
  3. Any of the available numbers in that group will ring until the call's answered.

Setting up Forward to All

Using myTTNC, our advanced online control panel, to set up Forward to All is really easy, especially if you're familiar with setting up Call Forwarding.

On the Call Forwarding page, simply click the '+' button next to the destination field. This will allow you to add another destination to the queue. Just keep doing this until you have all the required destinations added (up to 10).

It doesn't matter what order you enter the destinations, as they'll all ring at the same time. Then you just need to select the option "Ring all Destinations at once".

Want to see just how easy it is to set up Forward to All? Have a read through our step-by-step guide

Moving around the office

If your team are always working in the same department but maybe not always at the same desk, with this service, regardless of where your team sit, they'll always be by a phone ready to answer.

First come, first served

You've got a team poised and ready to respond to the next sales opportunity, or disaster your customer comes to you with; Forward to All can give your team an incentive to answer the phone as quickly as they can - they get the call, they get the job.

Forward to All FAQ's

For more FAQ's please visit our FAQ's page