You don't want to miss a call and miss an opportunity, but sometimes there are only so many calls you can take at any one time.

Call Queuing is a common solution to this problem. We've all been kept on hold at some point; no one really likes it, but at least you can try and make the experience as painless as possible.

  • If your phone lines are busy, you can place any new callers in a queue
  • This means you'll stop missing calls and potential business
  • Serenade your callers in the queue with music on hold or periodically play a message
  • Great for those who get a lot of calls, or simply have less people to answer the phones

Call Queuing is not compatible with Ring Groups and some other configurations. Check the FAQs below to find out more.



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1 year Save 8%


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How does Call Queuing work?

  1. As your calls come in and all of the destinations you're forwarding to become busy, we'll start to stack your calls.
  2. The callers will wait while we continue to try your destinations until one becomes available.
  3. While they're waiting they can be played music and hear messages about your products/services so you're making the most of the time they're waiting.

Setting up Call Queuing

Using our online control panel, myTTNC, you have complete control over your Call Queuing set up to be customised to best suit you, your business and how you want your customers to be handled. Have a look at the options below to consider how you might set up your call queuing:

Music on hold

Rather than hearing a continuous ringing tone your customer could be listening to music. Our default piece is called 'Deliberate Thought', but you could use any other licensed piece or use one from our studio (studio pieces are an additional £35). Go to our Professional Voice Recording page to hear some samples.

Time Out

You can decide how long a customer is kept on hold. This can be as long or as short as you'd like. When it does time out you can connect this with our voicemail service (even this can be customised by adding Voicemail Pro).

Periodic announcements

While your customer holds you can deliver a message to them. This can be created by you or by our professional voice artists. You can even decide how often they hear it (30 seconds is the default timing).

Final destination

Where the call finally forwards to can be a single number, a Hunt Group or using the Forward to All service.

For a more detailed run down of setting up Call Queuing, check out our help page.

Call queuing FAQ's

  • Will the caller be aware of their position in the queue?

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    We are unable to offer intelligent queuing on our numbers. Calls will be put through in the order they called, but the caller will not know their position or the estimated answering time. 

  • When can Call Queuing be used?

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    Our Call Queuing feature is designed to work with the below configurations:

    One number routing to single or multiple destinations, not used in another queue.

              Example: TTNC Number 1 > Call Queuing > Destination 1 & Destination 2

    Multiple numbers routing to different destinations:

              Example: TTNC Number 1 > Call Queuing > Destination 1 & Destination 2

                              TTNC Number 2 > Call Queuing > Destination 3 & Destination 4

    One or more numbers using Virtual Receptionist (IVR) with each option routing to different destinations.

              Example: TTNC Number Option 1 > Destination 1 & Destination 2

                              TTNC Number Option 2 > Destination 3 & Destination 4

    Call Queuing will not work correctly in any other scenarios; this includes the same destination being used across multiple queues, or multiple numbers or queues routing to the same destination.

  • What happens when the queue times out?

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    If you've got it set up, our voicemail will pick up the call. Otherwise, the call will just hang up.

  • Can I use any song I want for the music on hold?

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    So long as you have the relevant licensing for that song, then yes. We do provide you with a default piece of background music for free or you could also order a different song from here.

  • When in the queue, my callers just hear ringing. Why isn't music being played?

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    By default your callers will just hear ringing. You will need to set up music on hold.

For more FAQ's please visit our FAQ's page