According to the British Crime Survey Results it is estimated that the British public receive 1.5 million silent calls per year, 1.5 million malicious calls per year and that 1 million people receive more than 20 unwelcome calls a month.

If you're using one of our numbers and want to put an end to those unwanted callers such as telemarketers and phone canvassers, you can add our Call Blocking service.

  • Stop unwanted callers wasting your time
  • You can block single numbers, callers whose numbers are withheld or even entire number ranges (like all 0845 callers)
  • Play either a dead tone or rejection message to all blocked callers



a month


1 year Save 8%


2 year Save 13%

How does Call Blocking work?

  1. A specific 0845 number keeps on calling and wasting your time.
  2. Login to your account on myTTNC and add this number to your 'Block List'. You could even set it so that all 0845 numbers are blocked from calling you.
  3. The next time that number calls you all they'll hear is a dead tone, or a message telling them that calls to the number are restricted.

Setting up Call Blocking

myTTNC gives you total control over the numbers and ranges you want to block with a number of advanced controls.

Who to block - you decide

You can block as many numbers as needed. We even show you the numbers for the last 10 callers to your number so you can easily block a nuisance caller as soon as they ring.

Alternatively, you can choose to block calls from certain types of numbers, such as 0800 Freephone numbers or 0844 Non-geographic numbers or you can choose to block all calls coming in from withheld numbers.

Missed Call email alert

If you have multiple TTNC numbers, you can also create a group of blocked numbers and ranges. Any changes you make to the group, will automatically update across all your numbers.

Play a rejection message

Once set up, this service prevents your preselected numbers from ringing your number. On top of that, you can specify to play to the caller "Sorry, calls to this number are currently restricted" or just play a 'Dead Tone'.

Missed Call email alert

Want to see this for yourself? Read through our setup guide in our Help Centre.

Call Blocking FAQ's

For more FAQ's please visit our FAQ's page