Virtual Receptionist can make a difference, not just to how you handle your calls; it's about your business image as well.

This service goes beyond a simple greeting introducing your business. Virtual Receptionist provides an interactive customer experience that sets the standard for your customer service.

  • Present your callers with different options to select from
  • Your callers get to speak to the department they need to, without being passed around
  • Improve the way you handle calls, without the need for someone to transfer callers to the relevant person
  • Ideal for larger companies with multiple departments, or smaller companies that want to appear bigger



a month


1 year Save 8%


2 year Save 13%

How does Virtual Receptionist work?

  1. When someone calls you, they'll hear a message setting out the options that can guide them to the right department or individual.
  2. With just a push of a button on their phone's keypad and the minimum of fuss, on they go.
  3. This service can be customised by you, to suit your business. It's not simply off the shelf, it's designed and developed by us, for you.

Watch the Virtual Receptionist setup guide (01:44)

Setting up Virtual Receptionist

When we were building the Virtual Receptionist set up in myTTNC, we wanted to make this advanced service as easy to configure as possible. We like to think we've done a pretty good job.

Firstly you'll need to plan how you want your options to work. Once you've got this planned, you need to create a recording to inform your callers of the relevant options. When you're ready, go to myTTNC and select Virtual Receptionist from the Call Forwarding set up page.

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To set up an option, simply select it from the drop down and then choose how you want the option to work; either Call Forwarding (which is your normal set up), Repeat Options (which reads out the options again) or Go to Top Level (which, if you have a multiple level set up, takes you back to the beginning).

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With the options added, you can then apply your recording and set up the option as you would a normal number. Simply repeat this for each of the options you want.

Hopefully that all sounds simple, but rest assured that if you ever get stuck, you can always refer to our detailed help guide.

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What can this service do for me?

Grow, and it grows with you

This service can be as simple or complex as your business demands. This could mean anything from a few options going to one destination to give the impression of a larger operation, to a large operation with several options, on more than one tier, with combined services determined by the option selected.

Setting the tone

You create the script for your message. How you get it recorded is up to you. If you have someone within your team with the right tone you can record your own message or, if you want to look elsewhere, we can help you with that.

We have a number of professional voiceover artists who can create the message you really want. For more information and to hear samples of our voiceover artists go to our Professional Voice Recording page. Prices start at just 85p per word, with a minimum charge of £35+VAT.

Making it your own

These are some of the things you'll need to consider in developing your Virtual Receptionist. You can then create the service just as you want it.

  • How many options do you need?
  • What will be the destination(s) for each of those options (including if any of them will go to voicemail)?
  • What should happen if no option is selected (i.e. the caller gets forwarded to a set destination or the options are read out again).
  • What should happen if an invalid selection is made (i.e. the caller gets forwarded to a set destination or the options are read out again).
  • Do you need any additional services on the options (i.e. Call Queuing, Call Whisper, Voicemail Pro etc.).

Virtual Receptionist FAQ's

For more FAQ's please visit our FAQ's page